What Are ‘Glimmers’? The Tiny Moments Of Hope That Are The Reverse Of Triggers

We have all heard of triggers. Triggers are conditions or occurrences that function catalysts for what normally are uncontrollable emotional responses. 

Austrian psychotherapist and psychotherapy innovator Viktor Frankl is credited with crystalizing the concept there may be discernable area between stimulus and response. As people, we at all times have a alternative for the way we reply to a scenario.

The problem with triggers is that they hijack our considering, transfer us right into a combat or flight mode (a sympathetic nervous system response) and transfer us out of our capability to suppose nicely and in alignment with our values.

Then there are glimmers. These are moments of magnificence or oneness throughout or after which we take a second’s pause in connection. The pause and connection go hand in hand. With the glimmer, we’re pulled out of our ordinary response patterns and pulled into the current second. 

The current second, after we actually give it our full consideration, is usually exquisitely lovely.

One of the best half? Not like triggers, glimmers are inside our management.

The facility of a glimmer is that it evokes inside us a connection to one thing better than ourselves. Glimmers usually occur by probability. We discover a flower blooming on our stroll and its ruby-red coloration catches our eye as we savor its magnificence. We really feel the bracing of a chilly wind on our pores and skin as we step outdoors within the early morning and that sharp scent of chilly brings us to this “now” second.