The One Pressure Stronger Than Willpower — That We All Possess However By no means Use

Even pinching my thigh to a bloody mess didn’t assist.

1 AM. New metropolis. Abandoned roads. My girlfriend sleeping on my shoulder. A shady-looking taxi driver. 

The drowsiness was intoxicating.

Shifting her weight, my woman snuggled onto my chest. Then, an overwhelming surge of affection snapped me awake.

Like caffeine on steroids, it vaporized the drowsiness.

Cradling her head and caressing her hair, I stayed hyper-alert for the remainder of the trip.

As a result of I now had a mission — to maintain her protected at any value.

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Right here is the #1 driving power of each human being:

Frost-bitten toes. Gangrenous wounds. The acrid stench of demise. Inhuman hunger. Grueling soul-taxing labor.

Whereas most Holocaust prisoners gave up, Viktor Frankl persevered.

Will-power wasn’t the key.

A powerful goal was — the extraordinary love for his spouse and the meager hope of reuniting together with her.

Fueled by this goal, he took it upon himself to assist different prisoners discover their “Why.”

“Those that have a ‘why’ to dwell, can bear with virtually any ‘how’.” ― Frankl quoting Nietzsche

Frankl would later pioneer the groundbreaking psychological discovery that our #1 driving power is the Will to Which means.