Seth Rogen’s Extremely-Praised Protection For Not Having Youngsters Is What Childless Ladies In Hollywood Have Been Making an attempt To Inform Us For Years

Seth Rogen and his spouse, Lauren Miller Rogen, have been married for properly over a decade and have been requested the query many married {couples} are requested by keen, pals, household, and followers — “When are you planning on beginning a household?” Rogen’s reply: not now and never ever. 

He defined his resolution in additional element throughout a podcast episode and make clear why some {couples} select to be childless and the expectations and strain lots of them face to have youngsters within the first place. 

Why is Seth Rogen not having youngsters?

Seth Rogen and his spouse don’t plan on having youngsters since it could intrude with their completely satisfied marriage. 

Whereas showing on an episode of the podcast, “The Diary of A CEO,” host Steven Bartlett requested the 41-year-old actor if he desires to ultimately develop his household. The quick reply isn’t any, nevertheless, Rogen offered a extra in-depth rationalization as to why he doesn’t plan on having youngsters and why being childless has “helped him succeed.” 

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Seth Rogen says he and his spouse are happier with out youngsters and consider it has helped their careers.

He acknowledges that the choice could not align with different {couples}’ and will even alarm some. “There’s an entire large factor I am not doing, which is elevating youngsters,” he advised Barlett. When Barlett asks how he handles the opinion of those that have youngsters, together with their perception that youngsters would make him and his spouse “happier,” Rogen says he’s unswayed.

“I don’t suppose it could [make us happy],” he says. Rogen shares that he and his spouse nevertheless by no means had the will to have youngsters regardless of societal norms, and it’s one thing that has benefitted their marriage enormously.