Man Asks If It is Time For His 13-Yr-Outdated Daughter To Cease Calling Him ‘Daddy’

Depart it to adults to take the fully harmless and endearing phrase “daddy” and make it one thing it shouldn’t be. Because the starting of time, youngsters have been addressing their mother and father with these cute nicknames.

Nonetheless, apart from the purest that means of the phrase, it has been used as a sexual slang phrase going again so far as 1681 — referring to the best way prostitutes referenced their pimps.

So, it is smart that males who mother or father are on the fence about whether or not or not the continued use of “daddy” is acceptable as their younger youngsters undergo adolescence and enter maturity.

That was the case with one man who took to Quora to ask customers if it was time for his 13-year-old daughter to cease utilizing the phrase when addressing him.

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