I Tried A ‘Urine Facial’ To Deal with My Extreme Pimples

I’ve finished many unusual issues within the pursuit of magnificence. 

There was the time I bought a fowl poop facial to brighten my pores and skin. There was additionally the time I put my boyfriend’s semen on my face to enhance my complexion. 

So it goes with out saying that once I first learn concerning the urine facial, my curiosity was piqued. 

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The concept behind the urine facial is easy sufficient. 

Utilizing a cotton ball, you cowl your total face in your personal urine. 

I used to be relieved to be taught that I might not be required to acquire the urine of a stranger for causes that I hope are very apparent. 

As soon as the urine has been utilized, you sit and look ahead to quarter-hour. Presumably, you additionally ought to keep away from the outside and human beings altogether. Then splash with water to take away. 

Urine facials are supposed to scrub your pimples and brighten uninteresting, useless pores and skin. Apparently, your pee is nice for you.

This sounded fairly good to me. I am in my 30s however I nonetheless get the odd zit (particularly throughout that point of the month) and the altering seasons have my pores and skin flaking off like layers of croissant dough, solely infinitely much less inviting. 

As insane and medieval as this follow sounds, there’s a little (little or no) science to help it. 

Our urine is made up primarily of two issues. The primary is water (which we already know is kind of good for our pores and skin, lol) and the second factor is urea. 

Originally posted 2023-04-20 00:30:03.