Girl Confronts Man On Airplane After Studying A Textual content He Wrote About Her — ‘I Need You To Really feel As Uncomfortable As Me’

A lady revealed that she confronted a person that had been sitting beside her on a flight after noticing he was sending racist textual content messages.

In a video, TikTok consumer Talia, who usually shares journey recommendations on her platform, had been on a flight from Puerto Rico to Atlanta when she seen that the person sitting beside her was sending racist and bigoted textual content messages about Black and homosexual folks to one in every of his relations.

She informed the person that she needed to make him really feel as ‘uncomfortable as I do’ after seeing his racist textual content messages.

In Talia’s video, she recorded herself instantly confronting the person after debating on whether or not or not she needed to say something within the first place. ” what, I wasn’t going to say something however I made a decision I need you to really feel as uncomfortable as I do.”

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She informed the person that she had seen the messages he had been sending all through the flight and that he was “disgusting” for the issues he had been writing. The unnamed man tried to fake he did not know what Talia was talking about, however she was fast to rebut that he did know.

“I am not gonna repeat it as a result of all people does not have to know,” she knowledgeable him, “however I need you to know that I do know, I noticed it, and I believe that you simply’re disgusting.” When he did not instantly reply to her, Talia identified that upon being confronted, he did not have “something to say to that.”

He started profusely apologizing, however Talia wasn’t having it. “You do not have to be sorry to me. You are sorry as a result of I noticed it, however I need you to really feel as uncomfortable as I do sitting subsequent to you.”