15 Indicators You are A Perfectionist (And It is Ruining Your Life)

It could sound so nice to say, “I’m a superhero — I am superhuman!” However is it actually? Have you ever actually regarded into what it means to be a superhuman?

You see, superhumans have all their geese in a row on a regular basis. Everyone can lean on them as a result of they’ll deal with it they usually don’t want assist in return. Additionally, they make the not possible doable as a result of they don’t take “no” for a solution and they’re wanting relentlessly for the reply they’re in search of.

As an alternative of calling your self a superhuman, you may discuss with your self as a perfectionist. However despite the fact that being a part-time “superhuman” provides you confidence, a way of price and independence, you’ll be able to’t make any errors due to the worry of failure.

Perfectionism is the relentless pursuit of flawlessness and the setting of unattainably excessive requirements, typically accompanied by self-criticism and worry of failure. Further indicators of perfectionism can embrace being overly vital of your errors, procrastinating duties, having issue accepting constructive criticism, amd having a continuing sense of by no means feeling ok.

Being a perfectionist can negatively have an effect on you in quite a few methods, together with elevated stress and anxiousness, procrastination, low vanity, relationship difficulties, and burnout.

So when you discover any of the indicators of perfectionism under, it could be time to take a step again.

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