The Harsh Causes Girls Get Bored With Monogamy

The default relationship fashion in mainstream society is monogamy, whereby two companions are in a closed, dedicated relationship. Nevertheless, this isn’t essentially the case for all.

In truth, many ladies will inform you that monogamy typically turns into boring.

Moral non-monogamy, in any other case often known as consensual non-monogamy, is an alternative choice and is changing into extra acceptable in fashionable society, with roughly 4-5 p.c of the American inhabitants figuring out as polyamorous particularly. The precise numbers of consensual non-monogamy are at present unknown.

Not all ladies get tired of monogamy, after all — however those that do go away for numerous causes. I spoke with a variety of individuals who follow polyamory and observed some themes as to why ladies (or anybody) would depart monogamy.

There are ladies who’re tired of monogamy who is not going to be fitted to polyamory. For them, exploring selection of their major relationship would be the reply. Earlier than you’ll be able to know, nonetheless, you need to be taught why ladies who select non-monogamy have carried out so, in addition to a number of the more healthy boundaries folks in non-monogamous relationships want. 

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