Mother Stitches Her Child’s Onesie Leg Materials Collectively To Cease Her From Climbing Out Of Her Crib However Some Individuals Referred to as It Harmful

Each guardian’s primary precedence is their kid’s security, and this primary precedence is usually a full-time job when that little one could be very younger — very similar to the toddler in a single mother’s video that acquired a whole lot of backlash on-line after it went viral.

The video, posted by a mother named Erin Hayes (@erinnoelhayes) on TikTok, offered a easy resolution to a serious downside — toddlers climbing out of their cribs.

The mother stitches her child’s onesie leg materials collectively to cease her from climbing out of the crib.

“Y’ALL this works!” she captioned the video, posted on Might 20, 2023. Within the overlaid textual content inside the video, she wrote “Sew material between the legs of a onesie to forestall toddler from climbing out,” and within the video, she exhibits off her creation that may do precisely that.

The quick, 33-second video then exhibits a really distressed toddler holding a cup inside her crib, attempting to get out of her jail. She repeatedly tries lifting her legs to no avail as a pink material sewn between the toddler’s legs prevents her from elevating it any greater than a number of inches off the bottom.

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The toddler, conscious that they’re being constricted from lifting their legs and never capable of climb out of the crib, is hysterically crying whereas her mother who’s recording her from the opposite facet of the telephone.

Originally posted 2023-05-23 12:15:03.