How To Self-Medicate The Unhealthy Emotions With out Numbing The Good Ones

All of us medicate. A few of us medicate to cease feeling scared, to cease feeling depressed, to cease feeling indignant. However what if it is time to cease medicating in opposition to issues? 

I’ve acquired a prescription for you, however this isn’t about low-cost over-the-counter stuff and even prescription meds. It is about one thing else fully. 

See, we’ve mainly acquired 4 forms of emotions: concern, anger, grief, and pleasure. We already know what you medicate and self-medicate in opposition to.

However let’s speak about what you possibly can self-medicate for — and the way. It is referred to as self-medication for fulfillment.

Please do not get the incorrect thought: Self-medication for fulfillment isn’t about something unlawful. However it is about self-medication.

All that completely happy mind chemistry — the actually completely happy mind chemistry — is yours already.

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Originally posted 2023-04-30 13:45:03.